P17D 220v Dual Speed Polishing Machine


  • Rotation:175/320RPM/min
  • Chassis diameter:17″
  • Power:2.5HP
  • Weight:52kg
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Cable length:13m

Versatile P17D Dual Speed Polishing Machine has a powerful 2.5HP motor and 17″ diameter for different floor polishing needs at 175/320 RPM/min speeds. Inquire now!

P17D 17″ 220v Dual Speed Polishing Machine

Take your floor polishing to the next level with the versatile P17D 17” 220v Dual Speed Polishing Machine. This industrial-strength floor buffer features a powerful 2.5HP motor with dual speeds of 175 or 320 RPM for polishing and scrubbing versatility.

The rugged 17” chassis and 52kg weight provide the strength needed to buff and polish concrete, marble, granite, tile, and more without swirl marks or holograms. It connects to 220v outlets and has a 13m power cable for easy maneuverability.

Discover the versatility of floor polishing machines with our P17E 220V model, and compare its features, performance, and suitability with our P20H 110V/220V floor polishing machine to make an informed decision for your floor maintenance needs.

With its dual speed settings, the P17D allows you to tackle various floor polishing jobs. The lower 175 RPM speed prepares floors for new coatings and removes old finishes. Switch to 320 RPM for deeper scrubbing and floor polishing to a brilliant shine.

From warehouses and large retail spaces to workshops and garages, the P17D polishes up any hard floor surface. Foam-padded weights evenly distribute pressure while the dual speeds allow you to fine-tune the buffer’s scrubbing action.

For professional floor polishing across large surface areas, choose the P17D Dual Speed Polishing Machine. Its industrial-grade durability, versatility, and power restore faded hard floors by deeply cleaning and polishing to a revitalized finish.

Explore the capabilities of our P17E 220V floor polishing machine and compare it with the P17D 17″ 220V dual-speed polishing machine to determine which model best meets your requirements for achieving superior floor polishing results efficiently and effectively.

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