Carpet Cleaning Machines for Sale in Toronto

Carpet Cleaning Machines for Sale

Are you looking to purchase industrial-strength carpet cleaning equipment for your business in Toronto? Having the right commercial carpet machine can save you time and money while keeping your carpets looking pristine. This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of the top carpet cleaning machines on the market and key factors to consider before buying.

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Why Invest in a Commercial Carpet Cleaner?

For businesses with large carpeted areas like office buildings, hotels, schools, and retail stores, regular cleaning and maintenance is a must. Professional carpet cleaning helps extend the life of your carpets and improves the health and safety of indoor environments by eliminating dirt, allergens, and contaminants.

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Renting or hiring professional carpet cleaning services can get expensive over time. Investing in your commercial-grade equipment allows you to deep clean carpets on your schedule and budget. Having an in-house carpet cleaning system also enables spot cleaning for high-traffic areas to maintain a consistently clean appearance.

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Types of Carpet Cleaners for Commercial Use

There are several types of powerful carpet cleaning machines and floor cleaning machine designed for heavy-duty use in commercial and industrial settings:

Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaners

Truck mounts are the most powerful systems available, ideal for cleaning large carpeted areas over 1,000 sq. ft. Hot water and cleaning solutions are generated in a van or truck and fed through long hoses to a wand applicator. The powerful suction extracts the water and dirt back into a waste tank in the truck.

Portable Carpet Extractors

Also known as carpet cleaning machines, extractors use a self-contained system with an attached wand and hoses. The cleaning solution and dirt water are both held in separate tanks within the portable unit. Many models include onboard heaters for superior cleaning capability.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaners

Using an encapsulating detergent, this method crystallizes dirt particles into dry residue that can be easily vacuumed away after cleaning. No rinsing is required. Encapsulation is faster than steam cleaning but best for light, routine maintenance.

Compact Carpet Spot Cleaners

Small spot cleaners are designed for quick cleanups of spills and high-traffic areas between deep cleanings. They apply a spray solution and then immediately extract it along with the dirt in a single step.

Top Carpet Cleaner Machine Models

  1. 3-Speed Floor Dryer, 3/4 HP: Experience unmatched drying power with our 3-speed floor dryer. Equipped with a 3/4 HP motor and capable of 2800 CFM, it ensures rapid drying in large areas. Perfect for industrial and commercial use, this floor dryer is a must-have for efficient cleaning routines.
  2. Nilfisk / Advance Backpack Vacuum GD6 / 6XP: Say goodbye to cumbersome vacuuming with the Nilfisk Advance Backpack Vacuum GD6/6XP. This powerful backpack vacuum offers exceptional maneuverability and performance. With its ergonomic design and impressive suction power, it's the ideal choice for professionals seeking efficiency and reliability.
  3. Numatic Henry PPR240 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Machine: Meet your commercial cleaning needs with the Numatic Henry PPR240 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Machine. Renowned for its durability and performance, this vacuum cleaner tackles even the toughest dirt and debris with ease. Its robust construction and powerful suction make it a top choice for commercial environments.
  4. ProTeam Industrial Backpack Vacuum Machine – 6 Quart: Elevate your cleaning standards with the ProTeam Industrial Backpack Vacuum Machine. Featuring a spacious 6-quart capacity, this backpack vacuum offers unparalleled efficiency and versatility. With its lightweight design and ergonomic harness, it's perfect for extended cleaning sessions in industrial settings.

Carpet Cleaner Rental vs. Buying

Pros and Cons of Renting a Carpet Cleaner


  1. Lower upfront cost
  2. No maintenance or repairs
  3. Access to the latest models


  1. Must transport back and forth
  2. Limited rental period
  3. Fewer accessories included
  4. Potential carpet damage fees

Benefits of Owning a Carpet Cleaner


  1. Customize accessories for your needs
  2. Machines are always readily available
  3. Clean on your schedule
  4. Cost-effective long-term

Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision

Key Considerations:

  1. Size of area needing cleaning
  2. Frequency of cleaning required
  3. Your budget constraints
  4. Access to rental units
  5. Storage space available

For very small areas only needing occasional cleaning, renting may be the best option. But for commercial spaces over 1,000 sq ft needing frequent cleaning, buying your industrial-grade unit will provide convenience and cost savings over renting.

Key Features and Specs for Industrial Carpet Cleaners

Keep the following features in mind when selecting a commercial-grade carpet cleaner:


Look for models rated for professional use with maximum heat, suction, and water lift to deeply penetrate and extract the highest amount of water and dirt. Machines rated for heavy traffic areas will provide the best results.

Solution & Recovery Tank Size

Choose an industrial machine with large tanks if you need to clean big spaces without frequent dumping and refilling. Capacities can range from 10 to 30+ gallons.

Cleaning Path Width

Standard sizes are 12 to 20 inches but industrial models can have cleaning paths over 60 inches to cover more ground in fewer passes.


Make sure any unit you purchase can be easily maneuvered by hand and fit through doors. Truck mounts should have long, durable hoses.

Heated Cleaning

Heat is key for sanitizing carpets and improving cleaning effectiveness. Look for systems with boilers that heat up to 210°F.


A variety of useful attachments like upholstery tools, stair cleaners, and hard surface wands maximize the machine's versatility.

Where to Buy Carpet Cleaners in Toronto

Best Practices for Deep Cleaning Carpets

To keep your carpets looking their best for years to come, follow these professional tips when operating your commercial carpet cleaner:

Prepare the Area Vacuum thoroughly and move any furniture or obstructions out of the area. For heavy soil, pre-treat stains and high-traffic areas before extracting.

Select the Right Cleaning Solutions Choose an industrial-strength cleaner or pre-spray formulated for commercial use on your specific carpet type. Always follow dilution instructions.

Employ Proper Extracting Techniques Work in sections using overlapping passes and an even pace. Make additional dry passes to extract as much water as possible.

Dry Thoroughly

Use carpet fans, air movers, or extraction machines set on dry mode to accelerate drying time. This prevents mold, mildew, and shrinkage.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Cleaning and Storage Guidelines

  • Clean tanks and hoses thoroughly after each use. This prevents dirt and debris buildup that can clog valves and hoses over time.
  • Follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule for replacing filters, belts, and other parts. This ensures optimal performance.
  • Inspect key components like brushes, spray jets, and suction valves periodically. Replace worn parts as needed.
  • Always empty and rinse out tanks after use. Allow all parts to fully dry before long-term storage to prevent mold.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • No spray – Check for clogged jets or pumps. Descale interior tanks and lines if mineral deposits are an issue.
  • Weak suction – Empty the recovery tank frequently to maintain suction. Inspect filters and gaskets for a tight fit. Replace worn gasket rings.
  • Leaking tanks – Tighten fittings, clamps, and gaskets. Replace cracked hoses. Make sure drain valves close tightly.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Follow your owner's manual for the recommended maintenance schedule. Typical tasks include:

  • Inspect filters every 3 months or 50 hours of use
  • Drain and flush interior tanks every 6 months
  • Check belts and tighten/replace as needed every 6-12 months
  • Descale tanks and lines annually

Additional Equipment and Accessories

Carpet Dryers

Carpet fans and air movers help accelerate drying time after extracting carpets. Quicker drying prevents mold, mildew, and shrinkage issues. Powerful fans can dry carpets in a matter of hours compared to over 24 hours for air drying.

Carpet Extractors

Portable carpet extractors are useful for spot-cleaning high-traffic areas between scheduled deep cleanings. They quickly spray and extract localized spots and spills.

Carpet Vacuum Cleaners

Wide-area and commercial-grade vacuum cleaners are ideal for thorough pre-vacuuming before using the carpet extractor. Powerful suction removes dry soil to improve cleaning results.

Truckmount Accessories

Various truck-mount accessories like hoses, wands, and upholstery tools maximize the versatility of a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system for both carpets and hard surfaces.


Using industrial dehumidifiers prevents over-wetting and speeds up drying time. They are an important tool for water restoration jobs and flooding emergencies.



Should I rent or buy a carpet cleaner?


It depends on your needs and frequency of use. Renting is suitable for occasional deep cleaning, while buying is more cost-effective for frequent or long-term use.


What are the pros and cons of renting a carpet cleaner?


Pros: Convenient for occasional use, lower upfront cost, no maintenance responsibility.

Cons: Rental fees can add up over time, limited availability, may not have the latest features, no ownership benefits.


What are the benefits of owning a carpet cleaner?


Ownership: You have access to it whenever needed.
Cost-efficiency: Over time, it can be cheaper than renting.
Customization: Choose a model with features tailored to your preferences.
Convenience: No need to schedule rentals or return equipment.


What factors should I consider before deciding to rent or buy a carpet cleaner?

Frequency of use: Determine how often you'll need to clean carpets.
Budget: Consider upfront costs vs. long-term expenses.
Storage: Do you have space to store a carpet cleaner when not in use?
Features: Assess which features are essential for your cleaning needs.
Maintenance: Consider the upkeep requirements and costs.

What are the key features to look for in a carpet cleaner?

Cleaning power: Look for high-suction and effective cleaning solutions.
Tank size: Larger tanks require fewer refills.
Attachments: Assess the availability of tools for different surfaces and tasks.
Weight and maneuverability: Consider ease of use and storage.
Warranty: Check for warranty coverage and customer support.

How do I maintain and care for my carpet cleaner?

Regular cleaning: Rinse tanks and filters after each use.
Storage: Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.
Filter replacement: Follow manufacturer recommendations for filter changes.
Check for clogs: Ensure hoses and nozzles are free from debris.
Professional servicing: Schedule maintenance checks as recommended by the manufacturer.