Numatic Henry PPR240 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Machine

Numatic Henry PPR240 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Machine


  • Suitability: Hard-floors and low pile rug/carpet
  • Dirt Collection: Bagged. 6-litre bag capacity (9 liter tank capacity)
  • Operating Radius: 52-foot from the wall to the floor (40 feet long cord)
  • Suction Power: 620-watt motor as all other Numatic Henry vacuums
  • Weight: 13 lbs
    Cord Length 33 ft
    Integrated Accessories Storage Yes
    Weight 15 Lbs
    Motor Power 620 W
    Bagless No
    Dust Bag Capacity 6 L

Numatic Henry PPR240 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Machine

Discover the Numatic Henry PPR240 Vacuum Cleaner for sale in Toronto. Designed for hard floors and low pile rugs/carpets, this bagged vacuum boasts a spacious 6-liter bag capacity (9-liter tank capacity). With a generous 52-foot operating radius (thanks to its 40-foot-long cord), it covers large areas effortlessly. The powerful 620-watt motor ensures efficient suction, while its lightweight design at 13 lbs makes cleaning a breeze. Get superior cleaning performance with the Numatic Henry PPR240!!

Explore our range of industrial carpet cleaning machine, including our powerful floor dryer with Numatic Henry PPR240 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Machine, perfect for efficient drying.

Searching for a powerful, industrial-strength vacuum cleaner for hard floors? The Numatic Henry PPR240 is a top-of-the-line canister vacuum engineered for reliability and versatility.

This popular 620-watt Henry vacuum delivers deep-cleaning performance on hard floors and low-pile carpets. The large 9-liter capacity tank and disposable 6-liter bags capture debris for uninterrupted cleaning over large areas.

The 40-foot power cord provides a mammoth 52-foot cleaning radius so you can cover more ground without unplugging. The lightweight 13 lb design makes transportation easy between sites.

Maximize your cleaning efficiency with our high-performance floor dryer, paired seamlessly with the ProTeam industrial backpack vacuum featuring a spacious 6-quart capacity, ideal for tackling extensive cleaning tasks with ease and precision.

This Numatic commercial vacuum features a HepaFlo dust bag and filters to trap 99.9% of dust and allergens. The air-driven turbo brush loosens and removes embedded dirt from carpets and crevices.

Versatile accessories like aluminum wands, floor tools, and detail brushes allow you to clean floors, walls, furniture, and more. Rugged metal construction ensures this vacuum withstands daily commercial use.

Trust the cleaning power of the Henry PPR240 canister vacuum on your Toronto hard floors and low-pile carpet. Numatic vacuums are the top choice of cleaning professionals across the UK and Canada for their legendary durability and suction.

Elevate your cleaning standards by combining our powerful floor dryer with the Numatic Henry PPR240 commercial vacuum cleaner, ensuring thorough removal of debris and dust in industrial environments for pristine results

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