P13 110V 220V Floor Polishing Machine


  • Rotation:150RPM/min
  • Chassis diameter:13″
  • Power:1.0HP
  • Weight:45kg
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Cable length:13m

Powerful 1.0HP motor 13″ P13 Floor Polishing Machine operates at 150 RPM/min for various floors. 45kg machine supports 110V/220V with 13m cable for flexibility. Inquire now!

P13 110V 220V Floor Polishing Machine

Power up your floors with the versatile P13 110V 220V Floor Polishing Machine, designed for buffing and polishing a variety of hard surface floors. This industrial-grade floor polisher features a powerful 1.0HP motor with a low 150RPM for effective cleaning and shine restoration on concrete, marble, granite, tile, and more.

Explore our high-quality floor polishing machines, such as the P13 110V/220V model, and compare its features, performance, and suitability with our P20H 110V/220V floor polishing machine to make an informed decision for your floor maintenance needs.

With a 13-inch chassis and weighing in at a sturdy 45kg, the P13 runs cool while providing the necessary scrubbing action and pressure. It connects to standard 110V or 220V power outlets via the included 13m cable.

Whether you’re prepping floors before new coatings or restoring luster on existing surfaces, the P13 Floor Polishing Machine gets the job done. Its low RPM prevents swirl marks and holograms while still aggressively scrubbing. Foam padded weights evenly distribute pressure.

From warehouses to garages, workshops, retail spaces, and more – the P13 polishes up nicely. It’s easy to handle and maneuver. Give your floors the revitalizing polish they deserve with this industrial-strength, versatility designed floor polishing machine.

Discover the efficiency and reliability of our P13 110V/220V floor polishing machine and compare it with the P17E 220V floor polishing machine to determine the ideal solution for achieving professional-grade results in floor maintenance

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