C70S Ride On Floor Scrubber


  • Maximum Work Productivity:3500sqm/h
  • Forward Speed: 0-15km/h
  • Cleaning Width: 1030mm
  • Disk Brush Diameter:560mm
  • Clear Water Tank:80L
  • Sewage Tank Capacity:85L
  • Battery Capacity:24V/100Ah
  • Voltage/Rated Power:24V/1550W
  • Size:1400*1030*1100mm
  • Operation Duration:4h
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight:260/280kg

C70S Ride On Floor Scrubber

Efficiency meets precision with the C70S Ride On Floor Scrubber. Designed for industrial use, this single-brush floor scrubber boasts a cleaning width of 1030mm and a disk brush diameter of 560mm. With a maximum work productivity of 3500 sqm/h, it swiftly covers large areas. The 80L clear water tank and 85L sewage tank capacity ensure uninterrupted cleaning sessions. Powered by a 24V/100Ah battery, the C70S glides at speeds of up to 15km/h. Its compact size (1400mm x 1030mm x 1100mm) and net weight of 260kg make it maneuverable in tight spaces. Trust the C70S for efficient, reliable floor maintenance.

Maintain clean, hygienic hard floors effortlessly with the C70S Ride On Floor Scrubber from Cleaning Machines Cleaning Equipment Supplier. This compact, maneuverable scrubber delivers maximum productivity of 3,500 sqm per hour thanks to its 1,030mm cleaning path and fast 0-15km/h forward speed. The 560mm disk brush paired with a powerful 24V/1,550W motor easily scrubs away daily dirt and stains.

With an 80L clear water tank and 85L sewage tank capacity, the C70S provides over 4 hours of continuous scrubbing per charge of the 24V/100Ah batteries. The space-saving 1,400mm x 1,030mm x 1,100mm frame and 260kg net weight ensure accessibility for tight spaces and easy operation.

Designed for comfort and control, the C70S features an ergonomic ride-on platform and an intuitive control panel. Easily adjust water flow, and brush pressure, and switch between manual and auto cleaning modes. Rely on this scrubber to maintain floors in retail stores, schools, clinics, and other commercial facilities.

When a compact, maneuverable scrubber is needed for daily hard floor maintenance, choose the C70S Ride On Floor Scrubber from the Cleaning Machines Cleaning Equipment Supplier. With industrial-grade power and reliability, this scrubbing machine delivers efficient, cost-effective cleaning.

Explore our range of ride-on floor scrubbers, including the C70S model designed for efficient cleaning in commercial and industrial spaces. If you’re interested in similar options, the C70 ride-on floor scrubber offers comparable features and performance, ensuring thorough sanitation and pristine floors. Both machines provide exceptional cleaning capabilities, making them essential for maintaining hygiene standards in various environments.