C100 Ride On Floor Scrubber


  • Maximum Work Productivity:7500sqm/h
  • Forward Speed: 0-15km/h
  • Cleaning Width: 1150mm
  • Disk Brush Diameter:960mm
  • Clear Water Tank:160L
  • Sewage Tank Capacity:180L
  • Battery Capacity:24V/200Ah
  • Voltage/Rated Power:24V/2250W
  • Size:1750*1150*1450mm
  • Operation Duration:4h
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight:450/470kg

C100 Ride On Floor Scrubber

Introducing the Comac C100, a high-tech and robust ride-on floor scrubber designed for industrial use. With its sleek design and intelligent features, the C100 allows operators to interact seamlessly with the machine, optimizing operation times and reducing costs. Choose from two configurations: the Essential version for excellent performance or the Bright version, which combines optimal performance with cutting-edge technology. The C100 boasts a 160L clear water tank, 180L sewage tank capacity, and a powerful 24V/200Ah battery. Its 1150mm cleaning width and 960mm disk brush diameter ensure efficient cleaning on medium to large floors. Whether in production sites, warehouses, or shopping centers, the C100 delivers productivity, performance, and reliability.

Clean large commercial spaces efficiently with the C100 Ride On Floor Scrubber from Cleaning Machines Cleaning Equipment Supplier. This industrial-grade scrubber delivers maximum productivity of 7,500 sqm per hour thanks to its 1,150mm cleaning path and fast 0-15km/h forward speed. Powered by a 24V/2,250W motor, the 960mm disk brush makes quick work of stubborn dirt and stains.

With a 160L clear water tank and 180L sewage tank capacity, the C100 can scrub continuously for up to 4 hours per charge of the long-lasting 24V/200Ah batteries. The compact 1,750mm x 1,150mm x 1,450mm size allows access to tight spaces, while the 450kg net weight provides stability during operation.

An intuitive control panel makes it easy to adjust water flow, brush pressure, and cleaning modes. ECO mode helps reduce water and energy consumption. The durable construction stands up to daily use in warehouses, parking garages, retail stores, and more.

Rely on the industrial-grade C100 Ride On Floor Scrubber from Cleaning Machines Cleaning Equipment Supplier to tackle large cleaning jobs with ease. Maximize productivity, lower costs, and maintain high standards of cleanliness with this powerful ride-on scrubbing machine.

Our lineup of ride-on floor scrubbers includes top-tier models like the C100, meticulously designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges in commercial and industrial environments. If you’re interested in exploring similar options, consider checking out the C90 ride-on floor scrubber. Both machines boast advanced features and superior performance, ensuring thorough sanitation and spotless floors even in high-traffic areas.