B30 Folding Hand Push Floor Scrubber


  • Maximum Work Productivity:1350sqm/h
  • Forward Speed: 0-6km/h
  • Cleaning Width: 450mm
  • Disk Brush Diameter:350mm
  • Clear Water Tank:7L
  • Sewage Tank Capacity:12L
  • Battery Capacity:24V/32Ah
  • Voltage/Rated Power:24V/400W
  • Size: 900*580*700mm
  • Operation Duration:1.5h
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight:55/70kg

B30 Folding Hand Push Floor Scrubber

Efficiency meets convenience with the B30 Folding Hand Push Floor Scrubber. Designed for small to medium-sized areas, this pedestrian scrubber-drier tackles floors in hospitals, schools, dining areas, and halls. With a maximum work productivity of 1350 sqm/h, it swiftly covers the ground. The 450mm cleaning width and 350mm disk brush diameter ensure thorough cleaning. Equipped with a 7L clear water tank and a 12L sewage tank capacity, it’s ready for action. Powered by a 24V/32Ah battery (rated at 400W), it offers up to 1.5 hours of operation. Compact, lightweight, and efficient, the B30 is your go-to solution for maintaining pristine floors!

Clean efficiently with the compact yet powerful B30 Folding Hand Push Floor Scrubber, designed for scrubbing and drying small to medium-sized hard floor areas up to 1350m2 per hour. This highly maneuverable 450mm wide walk-behind floor scrubber features a 350mm scrubbing disk and adjustable 0-6km/h forward speed to tackle everyday messes.

The 7L clean water tank and 12L recovery tank allow up to 1.5 hours of cordless runtime from the 24V/32Ah batteries. With 400W of cleaning power, this lightweight 55kg floor scrubber powers through daily cleaning in retail stores, restaurants, schools, medical offices, and more.

The folding handle and removable disk make transport, storage, and maintenance easy, even in tight spaces. Designed for safety and durability, the B30 scrubs along walls and under furniture to leave floors hygienically clean.

From stripping, scrubbing, and polishing to daily cleaning, the B30 improves productivity and health. It scrubs and picks up dirty solutions in one pass, leaving floors clean and dry. Maneuver easily into corners and maintain excellent edge cleaning with this compact floor scrubbing machine.

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