1250 Ride On Floor Sweeper Machine for Sale in Toronto


  • Maximum Work Productivity:6400sqm/h
  • Forward Speed: 0-12km/h
  • Cleaning Width: 1250mm
  • Main Brush Width:500mm
  • Battery Capacity:48V/58Ah
  • Clear Water Tank:10L
  • Dustbin:80L
  • Voltage/Rated Power:48V/1680W
  • Size:1500*1250*1330mm
  • Operation Duration:3h
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight:400/420kg

1250 Ride On Floor Sweeper Machine for Sale

Introducing the 1250 Ride On Floor Sweeper—your reliable partner for industrial cleaning in Toronto! With a maximum work productivity of 6,400 sqm/h, this ride-on sweeper effortlessly covers large areas. Equipped with a robust 48V/1680W motor, a 1250mm cleaning width, and an 80L dustbin, it ensures efficient debris collection. The compact design, measuring 1500mm x 1250mm x 1330mm, allows easy maneuverability even in tight spaces. Whether you’re maintaining warehouses, factories, or commercial facilities, this ride-on sweeper delivers exceptional performance. Available now for sale in Toronto! 🧹

Looking for superior cleaning power? Our 1800 Ride-On Floor Sweeper delivers exceptional results. With its smart panel, electric operation, and customizable color options, it’s the ultimate choice for industrial cleaning.

Boost your cleaning efficiency with the powerful 1250 Ride On Floor Sweeper now for sale in Toronto. This electric sweeper delivers exceptional 6400sqm/h productivity to quickly clean large warehouses, factories, parking garages and more. It features adjustable 0-12km/h speeds and a wide 1250mm cleaning path for customized coverage. The 500mm main brush and strong 1680W 48V motor rapidly sweep up dirt, debris and dust. A 48V/58Ah battery provides up to 3 hours of runtime per charge.

Dual 10L clear water and 80L dustbin tanks reduce downtime spent refilling. Although this sweeper has a 1500x1250x1330mm frame, it nimbly maneuvers thanks to tight turning capabilities. The lightweight 400kg net weight simplifies transportation. Operators will appreciate the user-friendly controls and comfortable seat during extended cleaning shifts. Keep your commercial spaces spotless with this high-performance ride-on sweeper. Order today while supplies last to maximize your cleaning productivity.

The S1-2 Manual Floor Sweeper offers straightforward operation and high efficiency. Whether you need to clean warehouses, parking lots, or outdoor spaces, this sweeper gets the job done effectively.

Why Choose Our Ride-On Sweeper?

  1. Efficiency: Save time and effort with automated cleaning.
  2. Quality: Backed by warranties and free delivery.
  3. Financing Options: Get the equipment you need hassle-free.

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