S1-2 Manual Floor Sweeper Machine for Sale in Toronto


  • Maximum Work Productivity:1800sqm/h
  • Forward Speed: 0-6km/h
  • Cleaning Width: 1000mm
  • Main Brush Width:480mm
  • Side Brush Width:250mm
  • Clear Water Tank:/
  • Dustbin:55L
  • Battery Capacity:/
  • Size:1000*1300*1035mm
  • Operation Duration:/
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight:27.5/29kg

S1-2 Manual Floor Sweeper Machine for Sale

Introducing the S1-2 Manual Floor Sweeper—your reliable partner for industrial cleaning in Toronto! With a maximum work productivity of 1,800 sqm/h, this hand-push sweeper effortlessly covers large areas. Equipped with a robust 12V/400W motor, a 1,000mm cleaning width, and an 80L dustbin, it ensures efficient debris collection. The compact design, measuring 1,000mm x 1,300mm x 1,035mm, allows easy maneuverability even in tight spaces. Whether you’re maintaining warehouses, factories, or commercial facilities, this hand-push sweeper delivers exceptional performance. Available now for sale in Toronto! 🧹

If you are looking for a manual floor sweeper that is easy to operate and maintain, you might want to check out the 1060 hand push floor sweeper. This sweeper has a large capacity hopper, a durable steel frame, and a flexible steering system. It can sweep up dust, debris, and litter from various surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, tile, and carpet.

Boost your cleaning efficiency with the S1-2 Manual Floor Sweeper, now for sale in Toronto. This lightweight sweeper delivers powerful performance without batteries or power cords. It offers a maximum productivity of 1800 sqm per hour with a 1000mm cleaning path. The sturdy 480mm main brush paired with dual 250mm side brushes picks up dirt, debris, and dust from hard floors. At just 27.5kg, the S1-2 is easy to maneuver and transport between locations.

The generously sized 55L dustbin allows for extended cleaning time before emptying. This manual sweeper measures 1000mm x 1300mm x 1035mm for a compact, navigable design. With no batteries or electrical power required, the S1-2 reduces energy costs and environmental impact. The manually operated design is ideal for small shops, gas stations, restaurants, schools, warehouses, and events venues. Get effective, eco-friendly sweeping without the noise or hassle of powered models. Order the S1-2 today to simplify your maintenance routing and maximize clean floors. This sweeper is a cost-effective solution for any facility.

For larger areas and more efficient cleaning, you can upgrade to the 1250 ride-on floor sweeper. This sweeper is powered by a battery and has a high-performance brush system. It can sweep up to 8000 square meters per hour and has a low noise level. It also has a comfortable seat, a user-friendly dashboard, and a safety brake.

Why Choose Our Ride-On Sweeper?

  1. Efficiency: Save time and effort with automated cleaning.
  2. Quality: Backed by warranties and free delivery.
  3. Financing Options: Get the equipment you need hassle-free.

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