Top Reasons Floor Scrubbers Fail | How To Prevent Them

Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are the most crucial tools for efficient floor cleaning. They are widely used in commercial and industrial settings because of fast cleaning in less time. However, if the floor scrubber is not working properly and the job is not getting done, it may create frustration for you.

Floor scrubbers should be checked for maintenance regularly to increase their efficiency and life expectancy. Still, you can encounter an issue if you are not experienced with using them.

There are several reasons that may result in the failure of floor scrubbers. Understanding these reasons and solving them is essential to prevent floor scrubbers from malfunctioning.

In this blog, we are going to look into the top reasons floor scrubbers fail to help you solve the issues you may face if you are using a floor scrubber.

Common Floor Scrubber Problems

First of all, you must know what kind of problems you can encounter while using floor scrubbers to avoid them. Here, we have enlisted the common floor scrubber problems that you may face when cleaning the floor with scrubbers.

Top Reasons Floor Scrubbers Fail

1. Poor Run Time

If your floor scrubber is slow and the actual run time is decreased, consider recharging your batteries. It is always the best approach to fully charge your batteries before using the scrubbing machine. It keeps the batteries in good condition in the long run. If your floor scrubber not charging, you may need to change your batteries. 

2. Brushes Are Not Scrubbing Properly

If the brushes are not scrubbing the floor properly, check them if they are damaged or not fixed properly. Replace them if they are worn out. Also, you must know what kind of brushes are suitable for your floor.

If your floor is hard, you may need stronger and harder brushes because the brushes with soft bristles will be worn out instantly leaving the floor dirty even after using the machine.

3. Scrubber is Leaving Streaks

If your floor scrubber is not cleaning perfectly and leaving streaks, it could be because of the following reasons:

  • The squeegee is damaged
  • The squeegee is clogged with dirt
  • The cleaning solution is not diluted

To solve this issue, replace the squeegee or unclog it. For dilution issues, follow the instructions written on the cleaning solution bottle.

4. Floor Scrubber Not Putting Out Water

To clean the floor, the scrubber is supposed to release a mixture of cleaning solution and water. If there is a problem in putting out water, the scrubber will not be able to do the cleaning. For this issue, check the valves and hoes because they may be blocked.

5. Floor Scrubber Is Not Moving

If your machine is not moving forward or backward, check the batteries. Make sure you are using the correct batteries or they are in good condition. Also check the battery charger, if it is working properly.

6. Scrubber Is Not Sucking Dirty Water

It is the feature of the floor scrubber to leave the floor dry after using it. But if this is not drying the floor by sucking dirty water, there is an issue with your floor scrubber.

  • Check if the recovery tank is full. If it is full, emptying it can solve the problem.
  • Check if the vacuum system is working properly.
  • Check if the squeegee is damaged or worn out. 

7. The Battery Is Draining Fast

If your floor scrubber battery draining fast, it is because the machine battery is worn out or damaged. In this case, changing batteries is the best approach. 

How to Avoid Floor Scrubber Problems

Floor Scrubbers machine

As you have acknowledged the top reasons floor scrubbers fail, now let’s learn how we can avoid these kinds of issues in the first place. Follow these instructions to run your floor scrubber like a pro.

Regular Maintenance:

Investing in the maintenance of your floor scrubber is the best tip to avoid its malfunctioning. Maintain a schedule and follow it strictly. The maintenance includes cleaning the machine, inspecting its parts, and lubricating it.

Train the Machine Operator:

The machine operator must know how to use the floor scrubber so that any failure of the machine is avoided. Properly train your employees who are using floor scrubbers to avoid any problems later on. Tell them about the troubleshooting problems and how to avoid them.

Optimize Battery Health:

The battery health of the scrubbing machine is most important for the life expectancy and run time. Always fully charge the batteries before using the floor scrubber.

Use Good Quality Cleaning Solution:

Use high-quality cleaning solutions that are suitable for your floor type and pay attention to the dilution ratio. Follow the instructions mentioned on the cleaning solution bottle for an accurate ratio of dilution.

Take Care of Brushes:

Brushed can be damaged or worn out if you are using them on the wrong floor. For every floor type, there are different kinds of brushes. Learn what kind of floor you are cleaning and install brushes according to it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my floor scrubber not working?

There are several reasons that can cause your floor scrubber to stop working. It could be because of a lack of maintenance, operation issues, damaged parts, or battery issues.

2. What is the life expectancy of a scrubber?

The life expectancy of a scrubber depends on several factors. If you are regularly doing maintenance and optimizing the battery health, the floor scrubber will last long. Normally, the life expectancy of a floor scrubber ranges from 5-10 years, if it is well-maintained.

3. Why is my floor scrubber leaving streaks?

The floor scrubber leaves a streak when the squeegee is damaged or clogged. It may also be because of the incorrect dilution ratio of the cleaning solution. Getting rid of these issues can resolve the problem.

4. When should I replace my scrubber?

If your scrubber is badly damaged and the cost of repairing is more than getting new one, then it’s better to replace your scrubber. Access the current condition of your scrubber before replacing it.

  1. How can I extend the battery life of my scrubber?

To extend the battery life of the scrubber, fully charge it before use. Follow the maintenance schedule and check for corrosion. Replace the batteries if the run time of the scrubber is decreasing.