Difference Between Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning

Janitorial Cleaning

Cleaning is a crucial part of everyday activities and it plays a fundamental role in creating a hygienic environment. One of the best ways to do cleaning is to hire a cleaning service. However, when we talk about cleaning services, they are divided into two broad categories: commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning. Both of these categories focus on cleaning the place but they are different in terms of type of cleaning, space, and purpose.

In this blog, we will discuss the difference between commercial and janitorial cleaning and their role in cleaning with different examples.


How Commercial Cleaning Differs from Janitorial Services?


Commercial cleaning and janitorial services are the words usually used interchangeably because both of them involve cleaning but they are used for a whole different purpose. Commercial cleaning is more like professional and specialized work which is done on a large or commercial scale while janitorial cleaning is an everyday cleaning job that may not require any professional method or specialized equipment.

Moreover, commercial cleaning is done usually monthly, biannually, or annually while janitorial cleaning can be done daily or biweekly according to requirements.



What is Commercial Cleaning?


Commercial cleaning involves specialized cleaning services that are done by professional cleaning companies. They are used in businesses, factories, or large scale areas to maintain a level of cleanliness. Commercial cleaning usually involves the use of high performance cleaning equipment that is specialized for related tasks.

Commercial cleaners usually have expertise in different types of cleaning like carpet cleaning, wall cleaning, window washing, and floor repairing. Here are some examples of commercial cleaning.


Commercial Cleaning Examples

Difference Between Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning


Commercial cleaning examples are:

    • Deep Cleaning: It is a more comprehensive type of cleaning than regular cleaning. It involves cleaning cabinets, walls, fans, floor polishing, etc.
    • Walls and Ceiling Cleaning: Walls/ceiling cleaning can be a part of general cleaning but commercial cleaning involves removing stains, oil, and dirt for better cleanliness.
    • Carpet Cleaning: It involves the use of carpet cleaners and dryers to remove dirt and odor from carpets.
    • Window Cleaning: It includes cleaning the windows from both outside and inside. Most of the companies hire window cleaners as it cannot be done by regular cleaners.
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning: This process involves cleaning grease, dirt, and debris from the tiles and grout. It is done in bathrooms, kitchens, and restaurants.
  • Furniture Repair and Cleaning: This includes fixing damages, polishing furniture surfaces, and cleaning the dirt, grease, and debris from furniture.


What is Janitorial  Cleaning?


Janitorial cleaning involves everyday cleaning duties to maintain the cleanliness of the home and workspace. It involves mopping floors, cleaning restrooms, washing clothes, vacuuming and wiping furniture.

A woman cleaning floor

Janitorial cleaning is usually done daily or weekly and it does not require any specialized equipment and expertise.  Here are some examples of janitorial cleaning.


Janitorial Cleaning Examples


    • Vacuuming Carpets: It includes simply vacuuming the carpets to remove dust and debris with simple vacuum machines.
  • Mopping Floors: Mops are used to clean the hard floors of houses, offices, or restaurants.
  • Cleaning Restrooms: Cleaning restrooms includes cleaning the toilet, floor, bathtub, tiles, and sink.
  • Dusting Furniture: Janitorial cleaning also involves dusting furniture, shelves, and appliances.
  • Mowing Lawns: Mowing lawns and trimming grass is also a part of janitorial cleaning.
  • Emptying Trash cans: Emptying trash and replacing trash bags regularly to maintain hygiene.

Commercial Cleaning Vs. Janitorial Cleaning


As we have clearly explained the difference between commercial and janitorial cleaning, now let’s compare both:


Type of Work


Janitorial cleaning is about doing the daily cleaning tasks while commercial cleaning involves specialized tasks like deep cleaning.




Janitorial cleaning is usually done on a regular basis while commercial cleaning is done according to need or after months.




As janitorial cleaning is regular work it is done during working hours while commercial cleaning can be done on weekends or you can schedule them according to your time.


Training and Equipment


Janitorial cleaning usually does not require heavy-duty equipment and expertise. It can be done with minimal equipment and cleaning solutions while commercial cleaning involves the use of high-performance cleaning machines and staff with specialized training.




Janitorial cleaning is usually cheap while commercial cleaning is expensive because of the use of cleaning equipment that are costly.




Commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning are two distinct terms for cleaning services that have different purposes in various settings to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Understanding the difference between commercial and janitorial cleaning will help you choose the services you need for your business or house cleaning. Whether it is regular cleaning by a janitor or deep cleaning by a commercial cleaner, you can avail of both services from cleaning services companies.