C90 Ride On Floor Scrubber


  • Maximum Work Productivity:5500sqm/h
  • Forward Speed: 0-15km/h
  • Cleaning Width: 1150mm
  • Disk Brush Diameter:860mm
  • Clear Water Tank:115L
  • Sewage Tank Capacity:120L
  • Battery Capacity:24V/200Ah
  • Drive Motor/Rated Power:800W/1550W
  • Size:1650*1150*1250mm
  • Operation Duration:4h
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight:350/370kg

C90 Ride On Floor Scrubber

Anrunto C90 Ride On Floor Scrubber is Compact, agile, and intuitive. With a cleaning width of 1150mm and a disk brush diameter of 860mm, the C90 delivers efficient floor maintenance. Its 115L clear water tank and 120L sewage tank capacity ensure uninterrupted cleaning sessions. Powered by a 24V/200Ah battery, the C90 glides at speeds of up to 15km/h, covering an impressive 5500sqm/h. Focusing on reliability and user-friendly operation, the C90 provides excellent cost performance. Explore the C90 today!

Maintain sparkling clean floors with the powerful and productive C90 Ride On Floor Scrubber from Cleaning Machines Cleaning Equipment Supplier. Designed to make quick work of large commercial spaces, this industrial-grade scrubber delivers an impressive maximum productivity of 5,500 sqm per hour.

When considering industrial cleaning equipment, explore our range of ride-on floor scrubbers like the C90. However, for a similar yet distinct option, the C70S ride-on floor scrubber might pique your interest. Both machines offer efficient cleaning solutions for large spaces, ensuring thorough sanitation and pristine floors.

The 1,150mm cleaning path and fast 0-15km/h forward speed allow the C90 to rapidly scrub away dirt, debris, grease, and stains. An 860mm disk brush paired with an 800W/1,550W drive motor easily removes buildup from concrete, tile, stone, and more.


With a 115L clear water tank and 120L sewage tank capacity, the C90 provides over 4 hours of continuous scrubbing runtime. The long-lasting 24V/200Ah batteries minimize downtime spent recharging. Weighing 350kg, the C90 maneuvers smoothly around furniture and tight spaces thanks to its compact 1,650mm x 1,150mm x 1,250mm frame.

From big box retail to busy airports, rely on the C90 to maintain cleanliness and hygiene while reducing labor costs. With powerful scrubbing performance plus speed and runtime to handle large areas, this ride-on scrubber from Cleaning Machines Cleaning Equipment Supplier takes commercial floor cleaning productivity to the next level.